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Contemporary Russian art

Современное Русское искусство

Collection 2024

Подарок, который не повторить


Роскошь света и цвета

Новости автора

Автор MS в 14.11.2019

New work

Marina Ivanovna presents her new work ---------. In this work, the author wanted to reflect _________ Work on it took ____ ---- ____

Автор MS в 12.11.2019

Alekseeva Marina Ivanovna

Alekseeva Marina Ivanovna, born in 1956, member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Union of Designers of Moscow, portrait sculptor, graphic artist, church artist. As the main artist of the mural art group "Joy" participated in the painting of more than twenty temples in Russia, near and far abroad. He has the award of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarchal Order. Rev. Andrei Rublev. Repeated participant in city and regional art exhibitions. Lives and works in Moscow.

Автор MS в 11.11.2019

Personal exhibition

Marina Ivanovna invites to her personal exhibition, which will be held ______ at _______